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The Encryption - Cryptography program - PBEncryption

Finally, one of my dream project is almost completed.

Initially I'm explaining the partial inner look of my Encryption program. 
  • Input Data will encoded with Linux based Native script (A custom module).
  • Next, then the encoded- unreadable package will be converted into byte-code (OOP module introduced).
  • During creation of Byte-code pack, a token will be generated. 
  • After Verbose of Byte-Code creation whole data will be squeezed into bit sized file (almost negligible with respect to the actual size).
  • Tokens are actually act like private or, public key for Decryption process (Another Custom module introduced here)

That's all for now. 

Into the screen shots the first picture shows the Input method, second one shows Encrypted format & third one shows the reversed output, using the same algorithm.

According to the last status the encryption algorithm done yet successfully. But There is a little work to perform, as I'm about to develop my own Framework based on Platform In-dependency issue. But it requires some R&D & some initiative from SCRATCH. Hence current status of this development, It runs successfully on both .RPM & .DEB based distro.  

Hence to reduce Platform dependency issue, I'm developing a framework along with a virtual-Env & compiler, which could resolve this problem at most 78% on any system. Due to this challenges, this development is in Beta/ Unstable development. 


An youtube Downloader based on cmmmand line & provide full functional features to the user.

Simply download the zip file & then extract it to any location to your PC. If possible create a short cut of Youtube downloader exe to your desktop.

All sone, there is no any further stage.


Step 1:

Provide link into command prompt & press 1 white space.

step 2:

after process user data, it will provide available video quality into that same screen. Please choose by providing number.

step 3:

Now please providedownload location.

N.B: After download finishesthe command line will disappear.

That's all. Enjoy:::::::::::