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Defination de Ozzenesis

Standard Notifications:It is all about to notify for speacial cases.

           My Dear Friends,Now this time here is some consructing activity is going on through SYSTEM APPLICATION PROGRAM related field.So now on all the details will be broadcast through this page & other speacial topics are clearly explain or, dedicate into there desire pages.I hope you all got me in this way.....Thank you.....

<XCLIP> :A important part for beginners in Encryption field.

The all related details are describe in Google.Just one step ahead to search.But the actual Problem creating area is shown here with a refference url.Just visit that url from LINKS page.It will be easier for u.That I belive.

<GUCHARMAP> :For Encrypting and it is essential first.

The URL & all other detail is providing throughly in order.Hope It'll help you all.After get the GUCHARMAP newset package from the given LINK there will be big problem is that to Install that package.so just follow this instruction which is given below.
Just get into TERMINAL of your DISTRO & perfrom as ROOT by SU command.And then
Type --
                        wget http://tukaani.org/xz/xz-5.0.4.tar.bz2
& Next
                        tar xjf xz-5.0.4.tar.bz2
Now just get into the DIRECTORY by
                         cd xz-5.0.4
now Configure by
                          ./configure \
After the input the TERMINAL will wait for a CONF input,Then you have to just
                           --enable-small \
                           --disable-xz \
                           --disable-lzmadec \
                           --disable-shared \
                           --disable-nls \
                           --disable-encoders \
                           --disable-threads \
                           --disable-lzmainfo \
                           --disable-scripts \
After Input those lines some thing gonna happen as a scrolling screen continiously for few minutes.Then you have to....
Again some thing is to be executing in a scrolling screen.& Finaly you have to type
                            strip --strip-unneeded src/xzdec/xzdec
                             su -c "install -m 755 src/xzdec/xzdec /usr/local/bin/xzdec"
Congrats,Installatrion of xz decoder package is done.
Now you can decode or, install any type of .TAR.XZ package by
xzdec <Filename.tar.xz>  | tar x
You will see a successful of install of this type of package.